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Two universal Quick Snap And Grip wrenches that adapt to all kinds of bolts and nuts. With just one hand movement! Effective, practical, lightweight system. They are the solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc. The secret is their self-adjusting technology, which allows them to automatically adapt to the size. Specifications: Color: Red + Black +Silver (as picture show) Material: CR-V Steel+ rubber +Plastic Wrench size: 9-32 mm In The Box : 1 set of 2 adjustable wrenches.


  • The product comprises a set of two different wrenches that suits all nuts and bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm. The practical tool adjusts itself according to the size of the bolds and with all systems of measurement. 
  • The set of two wrenches comprises one small and one large wrench. The small wrench has a different-sized head on each end, while the large wrench has a single large head for bigger nuts and bolts. 
  • It has a double-sided design that serves its purpose on both sides. Instead of just getting a grip and twisting it, this wrench has a snap model that has a better grip on whatever needs to be fixed thus efficiently finishing the job. This makes it an extremely modern wrench.
  • Sturdy material- This entire wrench is made completely of steel. This material ensures the longevity of the product and can withstand any sort of damage. It is also resistant to corrosion caused by water and grease.
  • Strong Handle- The wrench has a strong non-slip handle which ensures that the wrench doesn’t slip out of your hand. It causes minimal fatigue to your palms on long-duration use.
  • Anti-Rust- The heads are protected from rusting as they are made of stainless steel. It makes the product a lot more durable.

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Weight 572 g
Dimensions 34 × 12.5 × 1.5 cm


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