0876 Portable LED Ashtray Cup Holder for Cars/Truck/Auto


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DeoDap Portable LED Ashtray Cup Holder for Cars/Truck/Auto

Smoking in the car will not be a task to save your interior with the ash of cigarette when Color Changing Car Cigarette LED Ashtray Silver which will not only help you save your car interior but will also light up your mood with its color changing LED lights in it again which makes it a must have products for all those who smoke in the car Features Easy to place and safe to use Inner wall is coated with high-density fire resistant plastic layer Can be placed with drinking holder of the car Rainbow colors lights turn on whenever you open the lid Easy to clean

Easily Adjustable

This Ashtray is very handy and an ultra convenient car accessory that will help you get rid of all your unwanted trash.


  • LED Light Ashtray
  • For car, home or office
  • Ashtray with hygiene flip cover non inflammable pvc
  • Attractive pricing
  • Reliable performance

product manual

1: The mold is filled with solid material, and the external matte texture ensures that the tank body has no blistering and color difference. The built-in cigarette reel device facilitates the extinguishment of the cigarette butts or smoke

2: Open and close cover with low sound, uniform force, steel elastic components, and durable metal shaft, no case where the top cover falls off during use

3: Medium density foamed cotton seal ring, the can body has good sealing property; no odor will be emitted, the height of the fixed rubber buffer layer at the bottom is 4cm, no abnormal noise and displacement will occur during driving.


Material : high flame-retardant PBT material, Plastic(ABS),

Approximate Size: 11 x 8 x 8 CM,

Weight: 132 gm,

Color: Black.



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