0717 Hand Gloves Leather Split 1 Pair


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DeoDap Hand Safety Gear – Hand Gloves Leather Split 1 Pair

how important to be healthy and care our body and our hands no exception.

Work gloves are useful for an array of different tasks from lifting heavy objects, household cleaning tasks, construction work, gardening, etc. The thick, puncture resistant leather helps protect the hands from cuts, irritants, and other hazards. Exemplary Gardens Leather Work Gloves are made out of premium quality goatskin leather. The elasticized wrists gives the gloves a snug fit and this helps to keep dirt from going into the gloves.

Ergonomically designed keystone thumbs make it easier to grip objects. This ensures your safety as objects can be carried safely without them slipping from your hands.


1. Application specific design
2. Dotted palm for better grip
3. Premium quality raw material



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