7315 Car Mobile Holder for AC Vent


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Compact and unobstructed view: Normally it is a compact “one” type, it has a space-saving design, does not interfere with audio, etc. The navigation can be used without disturbing vision. 360° Adjustment: Adoption of ball joint makes fine adjustment of angle easy. Gravity interlocking: The smart holder adopts the principle of gravity interlocking, using the gravity of the smartphone, it deforms immediately after inserting the smartphone and becomes a stand, smooth entry and exit with quick attachment and detachment. Excellent Safety: Airbag is built in the back of the contact surface and it can absorb shocks with 5 points support points and arch type design, it is possible to firmly fix the smartphone and avoid to scratching the smartphone etc. Widely compatible: Our holder compatible with most smartphones witch up to 5, compatible with iPhone XS XR X 8plus 7plus, and compatible with Samsung etc.


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